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Business Planning Services

401k Services

Few financial devices are more important for a business owner than his/her 401k Plan.  There are many options out there, but at Freedom Financial Planning, we focus on the plan that will provide maximum benefit to you, the owner.  Our open architecture system allows you to invest in the securities that make the most sense for your situation while providing a valuable tool for your employees to save for their own retirement.  Aside from the typical mutual funds, our platform allows you to invest in individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, and for qualified investors - non-traded REITs, private equity and more.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Thinking of making a major transition with your company?  Let the planners at Freedom Financial Planning evaluate what will make the most sense for your particular situation.  Whether you are a doctor's office looking to sell your practice or a small manufacturing firm thinking of creating an ESOP, there are many factors that will affect everything from your taxes to your retirement. 

ESOP Rollovers

ESOPs represent one of the best tools available for owners to cash out of their business in an extremely tax efficient manner.  When done properly, an owner can perform a 1042 exchange and not pay any capital gains on the sale of his/her business.  All of this must be coordinated with legal and accounting experts to make sure all aspects are performed properly.  After the exchange, however, it is important to work with a firm who understands the rules and intricacies regarding the maintenance of a 1042 exchange.  Assets can start as being eligible for 1042 exchanges and then change their business characteristics, rendering them ineligible.  If this happens and the formerly eligible assets are not removed in time, the entire tax benefit of the 1042 exchange can be blown up.  Let Freedom Financial Planning be your long-term partner to successful implementation.