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Holistic Financial Planning

Few firms offer the total capabilities of Freedom Financial Planning. Whether you want to know what retirement is going to look like, or you're looking at ways to minimize taxes, it all starts with a plan.

1) Establish Relationship: The initial stage of the process is simply getting to know each other.  During this phase, you will learn about us and we will learn about you.  We encourage you to ask challenging questions of us and you can expect the same from our side of the table.

2)  Confidential Information Gathering: Once we agree that it makes sense for us to move forward it's time to gather all the relevant information.  We will ask you to complete our financial profile worksheet as accurately as possible, as well as bring relevant statements for all financial accounts.

3)  Analyze and Evaluate: After we get to know what it's important to you and you have provided us with all the materials we need, it's time for us to combine our software and expertise.  Our staff of professionals will analyze your current holdings, track where you are currently, add where you want to go and develop solutions based on these factors.

4) Develop Personalized Strategy: This is where art meets science.  Once we have evaluated your entire situation, we sit down and go over the rationale for the plan we are recommending to you.  We take our role as financial 'teachers' seriously.  If something doesn't make sense to you, we want to know.  To paraphrase a common saying, an educated client is our best client.

5) Implement Solutions: Putting the rubber to the road.  A plan does nothing for you if it is not implemented correctly.  We have helped hundreds of clients by managing assets and guiding through countless financial situations.  

6) Monitor Progress and Update: Life is a winding road.  Very rarely do things work out exactly as planned.  That is why our financial plans are a living document.  No matter what life throws at you, your partners at Freedom Financial Planning are there to stand beside you and meet the challenges head-on.  We have the ability to be nimble and adjust your financial plans as life may dictate.