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Rollover Specialists

TIAA CREF Rochester transitions

We have helped countless people transition from TIAA CREF, Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, corporate pensions and more. The decision to roll money out of an existing retirement plan should not be taken lightly. For some, it may make sense to keep some or all of one’s money in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. For the vast majority, however, the benefits of rolling money into an IRA far outweigh keeping it at an old employer. This is one of the first things we must evaluate when we meet a client.

Advantages of a Traditional/Rollover IRA

  • Guidance: When was the last time someone from your retirement plan called you and said “I think you should do X?” The fact is, most of these representatives are very rarely proactive in reaching out to their clients. Not only that, when you actually do have a conversation, most are bound by the rules of the 401k provider not to give any financial planning advice for fear of fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Flexibility: Most employer sponsored retirement plans have a limited number of investment options. However, inside your IRA, your investment options are virtually unlimited.
  • Control: Once the rollover is complete and you have all assets transferred into your IRA, you have complete control of the money. This means you can take out the money based on your needs or desires, not the mandated rules of the 401k provider.

Possible Disadvantages of a Traditional/Rollover IRA

  • You can’t borrow money from an IRA.
  • Fees and expenses could be higher than the existing plan.
  • There are significant tax consequences if the rollover is not executed properly