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Retirement Planning for College Professionals

TIAA CREF Rochester

Retirement Planning for University and Non-Profit Professionals

Along with the general retirement planning described above, we have developed a particular expertise in helping people working at Rochester’s colleges and universities. We understand the stress involved with the constant pressure to find sources of funding, budget constraints and a system that can be filled with red tape.

We want your retirement planning to be one thing you can take off your “stress list”. Whether it’s TIAA CREF, Fidelity, Vanguard, or another provider, we have experience developing strategies and managing money for almost any organization. While many funds tout their low fees as a reason to invest with them, they are usually just investing in an index fund. This often works fine when the market is going up, but has no one to apply the brakes when the market reacts poorly. This creates what we call the “roller coaster effect”. The investor is just moving along for the ride rather than having someone guide them with strategic and tactical decisions. It’s the feeling of lack of control that often prompts investors to make the worst decisions at the worst possible time. When clients use Freedom Financial Planning for their investment management, they know someone is watching their portfolio every day.